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We are your online travel guide for weekend getaways through out the world. Each getaway and weekend description is new and with detailed information on how to reach your travel destination, where to stay, where to eat, and what to see and do along the way. Whether it's surrounded by water or some other place in the United States, the Caribbean or selected locations in Canada, Weekend-Getaways site is your primary resource for discovering what's available for your holiday and the best vacation packages as well as for car, flight & hotel reservation.

Choose from romantic island escapes, luxury island vacations, vacation getaways at off-shore resorts, family weekend getaway, boating and fishing vacations, and wilderness retreats. Southern California's low desert is an area of fascinating contrasts. Besides, there are hundreds of incredible destinations, just check out Weekend-Getaways site for those wonderful destinations and those who are on budget, can locate a cheap weekend getaway too on this site. Apart from these, you can also find great deals on SPA getaway, Last Minute getaway, Honeymoon getaways and many other weekend getaways.